In 1992, I was 24 years old and a student for experimental-film at the art-academy-hamburg (germany). In the stop-motion-class of professor Franz Winzentsen we (the students) started working on blank-film-material to get an idea of the relationsship between time while screeing and length of the material. As a music-addicted I drove my attention to the sound-track on the film-material (it was 35mm-material with optical sound!) So I glued curtains on the film material even on the optical-sound-track, because I knew that the periodical structures of the curtains would generate steady tones, not noise. So it was. The film is called "gardine sing sing" ("curtain sing sing") and can be seen here ("Johannes" = "Pit"):

I have been on several media festivals with it and it was on TV.
For years and years I had this topic in the back of my mind and I wondered how to go on with it some day. In the meantime I had a practical course in the ponton-media-art-lab, hannover (with Benjamin Heidersberger and Salvatore Vanasco), which had a artistic motivation at that time. We were thinking about music in 3-D-space. Some years later I was working at "steinberg" (Cubase etc.) in the service department. There I hab some contact to devellopers and programmers. All these years I talked about that topic with my filmmaker-friend Jan Peters again and again. Until I suddely knew how to make it. But I could not do it myself, because I am no programmer. Then my brother-in-law Adalbert Winkler did a simple prototype with Java. But as all the programmers I knew, he had no time for more. Than after a while, I started trying something with Pure-Data - and - it worked!

I´ve been at the Synthesizer-Fair "Superbooth 16" (Berlin) in 2016 with a first prototype-setup.
Since then I have performances (with a concert-part and a discussion-part) with VIDEOVOX to get more experience with it, how to use it and what is the effect on an audience.
At the moment it seem not only to be a sound-synthesizer where you can get interesting sounds but also a machine which shows it´s visual area on an screen.