V I D E O V O X is a software-based synthesizer, that creates sound by using greyscale-data chosen from a picture file.
This is done in real-time.
At the moment, it is programmed under the Pure Data programming environment.

You can use picture-files or motion-pictures (films) or real-time-pictures/motion-pictures (camera).

You have a screen, where you see the picture/film/camera-picture you have loaded in.
You have 2 windows within the loaded picture to chose a visual area where you like to extract sound-data.
The 2 windows can be changed in size and position individualy and be modulated by LFO, EG, KBD-follow or manually in realtime.
Their audio-output is routed to left and right speakers or can move in the stereo-panorama anolog to their x-position in the picture.
This can also be used with 4 coordinates for quatro-sound-systems.

The sound is produced by transforming a line of pixel-greyscale-data into sound-data. If your windows is higher than 1 pixel, the average value of pixels in the same y-angle is taken.
So it is possible that the outline of a silhouette is analog to your audio-waveform.
Therefor it is necessary that the silhouette-shape is strictly black and white.
So this was the main idea at the beginning of this project:
That you act visually directly IN the waveform.
This is done very sensually by acting on the light-table in front of the camera.

(June 2018)

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